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 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • How is your flag pole made?
    Built of aluminum and powder coated black.( Powder coating is a durable permanent baked on color ) flagpole weighs around (12 lbs) and is 7ft. tall, a two piece design. The flag mounts to the inside of the flagpole giving it great aerodynamics.

  • Is it legal to Drive a Flag?
    We are aware of no laws or ordinances preventing you from driving your flag. Our products are in the same category as a bicycle rack. They are also designed to use the same 2" receiver behind the vehicle. Our flagpole is 7' tall clearing taillights providing maximum visibility. I have sold flag poles in every state in the continental united states. 80 mph +

  • What flags fit your flag pole?
    Standard size 3'x 5' metal grommet style flag mounts to our custom sleeve. Most flags are metal grommet. There are some flags with large over size grommets, and coul'd have trouble fitting our flag pole, you can gentley flatten them with a hammer and it should fit, I do it all the time. There is one kind of flag to avoid, they are a plastic D ring style flag, and these will NOT mount to our flag pole.

  • How fast can you drive a flag?
    Our aero dynamic design has been tested at 65 miles an hour. One of the great things about our flag pole being almost 8'ft tall, is that the flag is over the roof of most vehicles and will still fly even when you're going very slow. Slow fast doesn't matter...

  • What is the insert?
    The insert is one the most important parts of the flag pole, it is what the flag mounts too. Also made of aluminum it again is a two piece design. One side has the flag mounting pins where your flag snaps on. The other side slides over the flag pins and sandwiches the flag. Install the wing-nuts to complete the assembly. Then you simply slide the flag insert into the top flag pole, mount the top to the base, and insert the pins. "Your Drive a Flag" is now complete and ready for highway travel. The secret is the flag comes out of the middle of the middle of the flag pole.

  • How does the flag pole mount to the vehicle?
    Our flag pole fits into any standard size 2 inch trailer hitch receiver, behind your vehicle. If you do not have a hitch, you can get one installed for around $300 to $400 dollars.

  • My car has a 1 ¼" hitch receiver, how can I "Drive a Flag"?
    Our current design is for the 2" receiver. There are adapters available to go from 1 ¼" to 2" receivers and are available at . If we have enough demand we will carry them, or design a new model, the "Drive a Flag Mini".



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